Zhang Xiaoli ▲ in July 2019, zhang Xiaoli (left 3) express sympathy and solicitude for to county of peace of river source city with unit Party member old Party member. ▲ in November 2019, zhang Xiaoli arranges experimental school to tell psychological class for the student to Meizhou city abundant. ▲ Zhang Xiaoli is children staying behind to do psychology to coach the spot. Shenzhen is one includes the city with extremely strong sex, the person of setting of different district, different language, different people, different culture, can find the soil that suits oneself in this; Shenzhen is one can pursue a dream already 深圳 水会是什么意思also can the place of oneiromancy, want hard only, the youth’s future is full of infinite likelihood. because of such, I choose to come to Shenzhen, be engaged in clinical psychology consulting the job all the time, witnessed Shenzhen city the development of mental health servive routine, also witnessed the change that the citizen understands to mental health. Zhang Xiaoli was born in Guangdong to save abundant to arrange a county 1975, tianjin campus learns a doctor. Shenzhen is director of service center of mental health of children of Sh深圳水疗会馆的电话enzhen city woman, municipal assist advanced psychology refers director of association of mental hygiene of committee member of the 6th committee, China, country family of division of health care of division, advanced psychology, marriage coachs division, EAP seeks advice. Education of Tianjin university high end grooms family of marriage of instructor of gold of education of family of the Women’s Federation of province of visiting professor of college of technology of profession of senior lecturer, Guangxi, Guangdong, whole nation coachs division grooms instructor, it is national higher education ” 935 ” program teaching material ” psychology seeks advice to be taught with health ” ” educational psychology innovates theoretically ” ” professional education and student government ” chief editor. Was judged to be municipal government of Shenzhen municipal Party committee 2009 aseismatic provide disaster relief advanced individual, obtained the honor such as worker of outstanding mental hygiene of the 8th award of person of outstanding ability of young person of career of Chinese mental hygiene, China 2015. Oral time chooses service center of mental health of children of Shenzhen city woman nuncupatively on December 2, 2019 morning this period interview and write Qiu Zhidong of reporter of Shenzhen evening paper’s trainee one raises Zhang Xiaotong during teaching, I pass a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of a year, took whole native place the 100 many collect of 10 natural villages, go broken 67 pairs of shoe, with local villager the knot issued deep friendship. Be judged to be ” Lidangrong praise countryside civilian ” 1975, I am born in Guangdong Meizhou. In one’s childhood the end in the home, the guest family of our Meizhou has to want study hard, rely on knowledge to change the conviction of the destiny. Below this kind of environment, I read as a child particularly深圳罗湖水疗会所哪里好 assiduous, the heart is wanting to also will arrive one day in big city the job. 1995, university of industry of the Guangdong on my take an examination ofing, those who read is normal school kind professional. My mathematical foundation is bad, the advanced m深圳福田区金帝豪休闲会所aths of the university learns very demandingly, the first semester took an examination of very small fraction, feel ” without face ” I am resolved want pull up to to come. The 2nd semester, I did not enter other activity basically, high school maths of 3 years learned afresh. Emperor day does not lose an observant and conscientious person, my final many minutes 90, the teacher is very open-eyed at that time. This experience makes me clear, work encounter difficulty to never mind, overcoming difficult ability hard is the most important. 1999, the relay helping deficient up that I attended provincial Party committee of Guangdong of the Youth League, province to teach the branch such as hall to organize plans project of Guangxi horse hill, in the Yao nationality of Guangxi horse hill autonomic county is become the middle school becomes teacher of a junior high school. Raise during teaching, I pass a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of a year, took whole native place the 100 many collect of 10 natural villages, go broken 67 pairs of shoe, with local villager the knot issued deep friendship. When l深圳水疗会所全套eaving, I am judged to be ” Lidangrong praise countryside civilian ” . After becoming psychology to seek advice from division university to graduate, I work in federation of Fosan city woman. Once, a mother of many years old 50 calls to appeal to us, the child play that says her becomes add深圳升逸酒店水疗价格iction, sport plane dish should be not bought to throw a thing to him in the home only, force in order to commit suicide even, taking a knife to be troubled by now. I will to the spot look, discover this child chops him with the back of a knife blade only, guess he considers minatory family only. Then, I tell him to want to use chop ability to be able to bleed at the same time additionally. Hear me to say this child is stupefied on the spot so, I catch punctual machine to do his thought to work, dissolve this crisis successfully finally. After the event, I sense fear after the event however, in case how did this child harm him to do because of my speech really? The intellectual ability that I realize to I must want to learn a few psychological aspects answers these issues better. After the contact is psychological, I like this course even more, saw a lot of books also be accepted a few groom. 2003, the country organized first time psychology to consult the textual research of division, I become a psychology to seek advice from division through the exam. Found ” heart bridge highs ” atelier in May 2005, I choose to come to center of activity of children of woman of area of Shenzhen city Baoan work深圳哪可以磨棒. On new post, my job from give priority to with administration became give priority to in order to serve, of specific and responsible children groom project and mobile plan, involved issue also more specialization. In visitting community and the course that run an activity, I discover the dweller at that time is badly in need of the psychological knowledge that the family teachs. Then, I applied for to fou龙岗桃花源休闲会所188nd to the leader ” heart bridge highs ” atelier, offer psychology to seek advice for local dweller, relation of domestic education, marriage, parentage seek advice from a service freely, the hope follows a dweller for us between, the bridge of a heart since the form of a Chinese character of parents and child. At that time, many parents can send the child to come to mobile center to attend on the weekend groom class, learn the skill such as brushwork. Meanwhile, the salon of domestic education knowledge that we organize concerned science for the parent and supply a few relevant books, let parents have more to learn relevant knowledge and the opportunity that share communication. After period of time, “Heart bridge highs ” by at first in twos and threes seeks advice, refer time everyday to 深圳广坤三楼 明珠水会finally the platoon is full, advisory problem involves a family to teach problem of problem, close subproblem, wife and mother, affection problem and psychological disease. Later, I open up ” Mr. Zhang mailbox ” and ” hot line of Mr. Zhang affection ” , offer free psychology to seek advice from a service for more dweller. Two seeks advice from division as a psychology, how to give the person that needs a help more psychological support? I feel allow to weigh and the path is far. Send a book to disaster area children from dig down in March 2008, I move service center of mental health of children of Shenzhen city woman to work. This is the tenet that a grasping move is woman children and domestic service heart and soul, with woman children and research of domestic member psychology, psychology advisory application, education grooms, product service and letter visit legal laws and regulations to seek advice wait for a domain to be content, the psychology that offers mental health to children of whole town broad woman and family seeks advice, health care, precaution, groom the commonweal sex that waits for a service, sociality, demonstrative sex serves an orgnaization. In May 2008, after shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, what I thought of disaster area children may need more is the book that can help them learn self-help. Then, we are begun in the organization in city 61 ” affection is disaster area young associate, consecratory love we he ” activity, issue a proposal to whole town children, with the young associate of disaster area of real operation care, the children austral Xiang Long sends special ” 61 ” gift. In addition, I still will suit children ego to coach from dig down ” interior aesthetic series ” book 500, in all 3000 are sent toward Gansu south, match toys of on one batch of self-restrained wool cloth with soft nap to rebuke, the hope is OK the children that helps disaster area for a short while. In the meantime, we still opened a 24 hour hot lines, come for the disaster area austral Gansu deep builder is offerred seasonable, high grade coach with professional psychology, come for many 1000 deep builder and 612 psychology that are versed in in deep Wu plain membership staff offers depth seek advice from a service. Many 200 person that has commit suicide idea is in deliverance the job of service center of mental health of children of Shenzhen city woman is very busy, seek advice from division as a psychology, how to give t深圳西乡帝豪休闲会所he person that needs a help more psychological support? I feel allow to weigh and the path is far. 2009, midnight of a woman called more at 1 o’clock come over, keep blaming society and life, still say to want the suicide that cut wrist. Phone that, the woman’s mood is more and more excited, sound is fainter and fainter however. Phone this, feel the condition is very critical already, I make myself sober come down to analyse a case hard, the attempt pacifies her, understand her. In the meantime, I was dialed stealthily 110, hope police can find her as soon as possible, save her life. In the process that communicates with the woman, because cheat feeling and already was pregnant by married fellow-townsman,I am informed her is 5 months, and the man is returned ” disappear ” , just want to choose to end oneself life in despair. I realize, than what the life that must want to let her him recognize at the moment is important. I chat with her through be considerate, from channel of psychological level, law level, morality level she, let her walk out of psychological shadow gradually, prevent her to continue to harm her, also be the action buy time of police at the same time. After wait for police to find a woman and rescueing them successfully to her, I hurry off to the spot to undertake farther psychological dredge immediately, make her complete walk out of a shadow eventually, c深圳 桑拿 论坛 蒲神 bbsontinue to give birth to subsist normally. Career seeks advice in my psychology in, similar story still has many. Come for years, I coach through psychology, the personnel that deliverance has commit suicide idea 200 much people. Three psychology seek advice from division to ask dweller door mouth, the service the dot is established directly inside community, can let a citizen more enjoy professional, high grade psychology to serve conveniently. Establish in community ” sunshine heart atelier ” begin from 2008, to mental health gains ground in community knowledge is mixed begin service of man-to-man psychology dredge, we were established in the community inside whole town limits in succession many ” sunshine heart atelier ” , this is by design of service center of mental health of Shenzhen woman children, organization, guidance, make joint-stock source, buy a service to be main way with the government, the woman is in what build inside organization of community, industrial district, industry children and domestic member and come deep builder offers marriage of mental health knowledge, affection knowledge of education of relation, family gain ground and the sex of omnibus, commonweal of man-to-man guidance, blame seeks profits major serves. Go to psychological advisory division please at the door dweller home, the service the dot is established directly inside community, can let a citizen more enjoy professional, high grade psychology to serve conveniently, dissolve contradictory, improvement in order to fill minute of play system mechanism the action of harmony of stability of neighborhood relation, stimulative family, promotional community. Besides us central psychology seeks advice from division, “Sunshine heart atelier ” still invited seasoned professional psychology to seek advice from division, offer psychology freely to seek advice from a service for masses. The professional superintend and director that serves as atelier guides, I was witnessed ” sunshine heart atelier ” the project is mixed through innovation government mechanism run mode, exploration gives ” justice labour of + of advisory division of psychology of Fu labour + ” service road. Relevant city leadership is in survey ” sunshine heart atelier ” hind, affirm this a series of measure are ” the society provided lubricant ” . Enlarge service limits to let more person be benefited besides service spot is created inside community, “Sunshine heart atelier ” still pass ” sunshine workingwoman ” ” sunshine parent ” wait for a project, enlarge service limits further, in this process, also produced many case that make a person impressive. In June 2017, “Sunshine workingwoman ” the project garrisons Shenzhen department of some general hand over to the collective or the state. At that time, the sentiment that we understand air hostess Xiaolin is very flabby calm, still have commit suicide idea. Our professional psychology seeks advice from division to look for Lai Xiaolin immediately, she cries greatly into advisory room. Original, because the husband before a few months is off the rails divorce with her, it is when Xiaolin is the most painful, father dies suddenly however due t深圳淡水桑拿按摩论坛o illness. Small Lin Jiao gets world collapse, how cannot she sleep, often cry loudly, had the idea of commit suicide even. Advisory division lets Xiaolin’s mood get alleviating through chatting, small Lin Wei of the appraisal after evaluation spends depressed symptom gently. Xiaolin began once a week, successive 10 psychology seeks advice. A year in, the Xiaolin company in family, friend and psychological staff member falls to walk out of haze gradually, restored bright and clear disposition. Citizen small banyan of 33 years old (alias) it is an optimistic risible lady originally, but be in,abrupt disposition changes greatly, her mood extreme is low, do not have a bit interest to the daughter that just was born, often awake in the middle of the night cry. Small banyan mom comes over to help her look after children, but she sees mom is afflictive, summation mom quarrels, quarrel with husband, the family is not gotten quiet. Then the family of small banyan to community ” sunshine parent ” the project pours out, seek psychology to seek advice from the help of division. Measure expression of result and behavior, psychology and response according to psychology, small banyan by preliminary diagnose for postpartum and depressed disease, begin to accept major is treated and coach. Inside the time of half an year, small banyan accepted interview 11 times, 2 times the phone talks, attended superintend and director twice to guide the conference, through each other have a good understands, reached understanding and consensus, sm深圳夜蒲桑拿论坛all banyan also restored the confidence with vivid opposite, enjoy the contented sense that brings to two children, walked out of the shadow of postpartum and depressed disease. “Sunshine heart atelier ” hold water up to now, foste深圳摩棒r reason in help party all the time gentle, active up social state of mind. So far, we are in whole town 86 community established sunshine psychology atelier, service family 150 thousand, service crowd 500 thousand person-time, secondhand service crowd near 2 million. This service amount is very small to Shenzhen, we still should continue to enlarge service dimensions, promotion serves quality, will professional psychology service and warm consideration bring each citizen that has need. Four Shenzhen serves a system build a nation as social psychology pilot city, start pilot work formally, this is pair of mental health servive routine that include me inside person tremendous affirmation. Pay close attention to mental health of children staying behind 2010, I begin to study the mental health issue of group of children staying behind. Once, a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers in home of my children staying behind to the other place, a child takes out 20 yuan to say to me: “Uncle, can you help me give my father this money belt to Shenzhen? I want to buy the time of two his hours with 20 money. ” the child’s move is very big to my shock, they have intense longing to love. Later, I decide to had done mental health of children staying behind to build further, take out the 20 psychological care that do children staying behind to 30 days of time every year to work. 2014, I return Guangxi horse hill again, shared by a definite date the side of psychology of children staying behind of two months helps the work, the psychology that basically is in charge of children staying behind is evaluated and on-the-spot survey. In the job, I discover these staying behind because children is very small leave parents, live for a long time in devoid parents in direct care and caressed environment, as time passes, a series of psychology such as feeling of safety of easy generation angst, be agitated, pessimistic, lack problem. To this, to do not affect the schooltime of children, I am used midday, time adopts mental health in the evening class and man-to-man seek advice from the form that coachs to be united in wedlock, help them solve psychology to baffle. After coming back, I was established for children long-range ” sunshine heart atelier ” , communicate through the video on the line, offer to them the course on extended line and effective, seasonable psychology seeks advice from a service. When the change after-thought that testimony Shenzhen citizen knows to mental health just worked to Shenzhen, psychology seeks advice to be not accepted by people. Suspicion, misunderstanding, refusing is people constant some manner. Nowadays, pass old effort, the citizen looks brand-new already to the understanding of mental health, treat psychological problem ” common cold ” , is no longer ” mental disease ” , the psychology that can search major actively seeks advice from a service. This year in July, shenzhen serves a system build a nation as social psychology pilot city, start pilot work formally, this is pair of mental health servive routine that include me inside person tremendous affirmation. Next, we still will increase the compose that serves standardization and standardization to community dweller mental health to build, increase pair of businesses, come deep builder mental health serves strength, promote original psychology to seek advice from the quality of division. Serve the person of the system that carry out as mental health of a society, my general will con广州桑拿场推荐2019tinue to stand fast to refer a trade in the psychology of Shenzhen henceforth, high grade, professional psychology the service brings more to have the Shenzhen person of need.

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